Oct 24, 2012

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Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de

Well, this one sure arrived late. Still, I’m glad it arrived in the end. This anime is right up my alley. It’s funny, ecchi and filled with action. Sure, it could use a lot of work, but come on… I can’t go around giving negative reviews based on just a few things that could use some improvement.

The artwork is pretty interesting. Not great, but not bad either. The characters in this show are supposed to represent characters from Nintendo and Sega. Characters like Sonic, Zelda or the Mario Brothers. I really think the characters could use a lot more works. Hell, at least give them some recognizable features.

Unfortunately, the story is rather disappointing. Hell, it’s rather uninteresting. The entire show consists of things from games, things that other people have created. How could I, or any anime fan for that matter, possibly approve of that?

I admit that I was waiting for this, but not because it’s good. It’s not. It’s ecchi, has action and can be pretty funny at times. That’s what I like to see. However, I don’t recommend this. I could only recommend this to ecchi fans that don’t mind watching something without a good story. The rest will just have to keep searching for something else.

Plot Summary: In the battle for supremacy in Consume continent between parodical Segua (Sega) Kingdom and Ninteldo (Nintendo) Empire, the light-footed Gear (Sonic) appeared to defend his kingdom from the threat of Ninteldo’s powerful emperor, Marcus (Mario).

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