Jan 23, 2016

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Assassination Classroom 2 episode 03

Anyone could’ve seen this one coming. The level of predictability has always been Assassination Classroom’s biggest weakness. It was the same in the first season and I am pretty sure it’ll be the same thing in the second season.

[Ohys-Raws] Ansatsu Kyoushitsu 2 - 03 (CX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_06.12_[2016.01.23_00.26.56]So tentacle boy has been discarded by his own partner after he proved useless once again. No wonder… the guy keeps doing the same thing over and over and still he expects different results. He would be labelled crazy according to Einstein. But to discard a human weapon just because he can’t kill that alien is a bit too much. Any ‘real’ (I am losing that word very loosely here) government would’ve used him for other targets.

That he would’ve been discarded like that I didn’t see coming, I’ll admit that, but I did know that he would join the class at some point without the constant presence of that ex-partner of his. Now that he seems to be part of the class there’s probably yet another character coming soon. That’s how it goes, right?

Assassination Classroom 2 episode 03 screencaps

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