Sep 3, 2011

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My attempt to make Sukiyaki

Alright. Well, this has been a nice weekend. Unfortunately I didn’t have much time to write and new stuff, I was all over the place. But I do feel like writing something quickly right now.

So I made something special today. After watching some Gaki no Tsukai (comedians from Japan) I got the idea to make Sukiyaki. I really wanted to make Sukiyaki again, so I did. Unfortunately I couldn’t find all the usual ingredients used in making Sukiyaki, so I had to replace the Shii-take and Enoki mushrooms with ones that were available at the local supermarket. I did happen to obtain grade A sake and meat, so that’s a plus, I guess.

Continue reading to see the pictures!

Preperation to start the cooking process

Sukiyaki once cooked

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