Sep 16, 2011

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My attempt to make Tamagoyaki

I was lucky this time. I was surfing Ebay out of boredom, when I saw an add in the kitchen supplies section that caught my eye. I found an Tamago pan, a square pan used in Japan to make Japanese omelette’s. Needless to say that I purchased it the second I laid eyes on it.

And today, after a week of waiting, they finally delivered the pan. I cleaned it, just to be sure, and started cooking right away. Whipped up three eggs, some sugar and some soy sauce and started getting busy. I have to say, I tried making this before with round pans, which was kinda hard. But it was so easy when I tried it with this little pan. It enjoyed it and I will do it a lot more from now on.

Wanna see the photos? Continue reading!
The pan I used to make the omelette.

The complete omelette, right out of the pan.

The omelette cut into slices.

  1. Sriram R says:

    Looks pretty good for a first try…

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