Apr 9, 2015

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Baby Steps 2

I never really understood this show. The pace is insanely slow, the level of excitement is low and the artwork never really did anything for me, yet the number of people watching this keeps increasing. It’s insane.

Baby Steps 2The artwork is truly so-so. I wouldn’t go on a rant about how great it is because it simply isn’t. The level of detail is actually lower them some of the other shows this season. So yeah, not really that impressed to be very honest.

And the story; yeah, it’s slow. I don’t want to see a guy work his way up from scratch. It’s probably the main reason as to why the pace is so damn slow. Also, I think the story is just a bit too childish.

I really, really cannot recommend this. I’m sure a lot of you will try this or already have tried this, but I simply cannot seem to enjoy it. It’s definitely not in the league of Prince of Tennis. No way. It’s not even a good substitute.

Plot Summary: The second season’s story picks up at a Florida academy where rival players practice and clash in order to promote their rankings. For Eiichirō this is not only his first time being abroad but a first chance to face competitors from around the world.

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