Sep 11, 2011

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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni episode 10

Alright, progress has yet again been made. This episode is the continuation of the last one, starting where the last one ended; prevention of the battle between Class B and F. One thing’s for sure, Yuuji is one sly little bastard.

Yuuji, the mastermind behind it all, planned everything. Voyeur had to take out the messenger of class B, preventing him from relaying any information. Mizuki, in order to take out that messenger, had to make jelly. Because Mizuki is such a horrible cook, it wasn’t all that hard to take out that messenger with the use of her poisonous jelly. Hideyoshi’s mission was to keep tabs on Akihisa, making sure he doesn’t do anything that might endanger the plan. As for Akihisa, well… He drew the short sick. His mission was to provoke Miharu to the point that she would battle him. Needless to say that he succeeded, the battle had just started and it was obvious, when watching the points, that Akihisa couldn’t win this. Yuuji called for support and out of nowhere a small army appears. Instead of doing the expect thing, which would be ganging up on Miharu, they all attacked Akihisa. Apparently Akihisa was a sacrificial pawn in order to get on Miharu’s good side, to prevent class B from attacking.

All’s well ends well. At least for the majority of class F anyway. But it’s not over yet, there’s still something that needs answering. Everyone wants to know what it is that Akihisa said at the end, in order to provoke Miharu into battling him. Voyeur, who recorded the whole conversation, played the tape in which you can hear Akihisa say that he admires, respects and likes Minami. The he does see Minami as a girl, but that he treats her slightly different because she’s one the few girls he can talk openly to. Minami, who was listening at the other side of the door, went home and told her cute little sister that she had fallen hard for Akihisa.

I think that things are going to be even more complicated between them from here on out. Akihisa is not the type to confess out of the blue, and I don’t think that Minami will confess either because she doesn’t want to get hurt again. It’s just a guess on my part, but I think it’ll be a circumstantial situation in which things will happened naturally. But we’ll see what happens.

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