Sep 18, 2011

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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni episode 11

Well the new episode is here, but I was not happy when I started watching it. The entire episode is about Yuuji and Shouko’s past. Normally I’d be happy about episodes like these, but I learned absolutely nothing new. So yeah, I pretty much think that the episode was wasted.

It shows Yuuji and Shouko when they were little, doing chores together, going home together and getting passed difficult times together. Apparently Yuuji was her first friend to treat her just like everyone else.

Yuuji however was an obnoxious brat, like many people probably already knew. He was one of the smarter kids and saw, treated and spoke about the other kids as though they were inferior to him in practically every way. But not Shouko, he treated her very differently and she was always interested in him.

One day he pissed of some of his seniors and they decided to sabotage his clothes, but Shouko showed up and tried to stop them. Yuuji came back to see if the seniors had fallen into his trap, only to find out that Shouko was caught in the middle of it. He ended up helping out Shouko by fighting off those other kids. That was when Shouko fell in love with him and decided that she’d stay by his side forever.

This information was pretty much known, they had shown glimpses and scenes of their past already, so I can’t figure out why they went into the specifics at this point, seeing as the second season is nearing it’s end.

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