Jul 26, 2011

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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni!

Alright.. I have actually been waiting for this one. I’ve seen the previous season and I really enjoyed watching it. It’s nice to see Akihasa get into more and more trouble as the serie continues.

The story is still as funny as ever, the artwork is still very nice to look at and the storyline is still pretty much the same as the previous season. Class 2-F is still trying to reach the top in their school.

Plot Summary: Fumizuki Academy is a school that strictly stratifies students, and the comforts of their classrooms, by test scores. The lowest ranked class, Class F, lead by Yoshii Akihisa, the idiot amongst idiots (and the series titular Baka) rallies to use experimental fantasy summoned monsters to battle the higher ranked classes for school supremacy.

With the power of idiots and one of the smartest students in Fumizuki Academy, Himeji Mizuki, a girl who was sick on the day of the placement test and ended up in Class F together with Yoshii, one by one the other classes begin to fall before them.

  1. I loved the first season of this show, but I only speak English. Do you know when the second season will be dubbed?

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