Oct 16, 2011

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Bakuman 2 episode 03

Great. Absolutely great. This episode focused on the relationship between Takuro and Yuriko. Up until now I thought of Takuro as a fat bastard that had some pretty fine skills. My god was I wrong, this idiot might be more motivated and dedicated to draw than anybody else.

This episode was one big fight over Yuriko. Koji, that unfair musician, wanted to work with Yuriko. He was under the impression that her stories could bring his ‘art’ to life. But Takuro did not want to lose Yuriko, and he decided to make that very clear. He rushed to her apartment and confronted Yuriko via the intercom. He said that he would do anything possible to improve his drawing, to perfect it even more to match with her story. He said he would be drawing in the park near her apartment where she could see him practicing on how to get better.

Clearly he didn’t want to lose her. It’s not just because he’s in love with her, but also because he sees it as his last chance to get serialized. He decided some time ago that if he didn’t get serialized with Yuriko, that he either would remain an assistant forever or would have to go back to living with his parents.  Personally I would’ve become an assistant forever than to move back in with my parents, lol.

Days go by as that poor guy sits there in the cold, drawing away like there’s no tomorrow. People start to worry, especially since it started snowing. At last Yuriko shows up and finally opens up to reality. It wasn’t Takuro’s drawing that was lacking, she realized that it was her story that was far from being perfect. Moritaka, Akito, Kaya and Shinta came all that way for nothing, it all turned out fine.

I think this was a definite happy ending. At this point I really just want to see Takuro succeed, he seriously deserves it. His drawing is better when compared to Moritaka, it’s a lot more detailed. The weak link in that duo is definitely Yuriko and her stubbornness. Those two make a nice couple, I hope it happens. They deserve some happiness after having to have dealt with all those hardships.

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