Oct 23, 2011

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Bakuman 2 episode 04

I’m still so ashamed. Just a few weeks ago I wouldn’t even watch Bakuman, but now I’m actually slightly addicted to it, lol. In fact; I recommended Bakuman to a few of my friends just a few days ago, and I rarely do that. I don’t usually go about telling people to watch certain anime, I think it’s frowned upon?

Anyway this week’s episode was yet another one for the books. Reality is a bitter-sweet thing, that much was clear. Moritaka and Akito’s TRAP went from third place, to eight during their second chapter and ninth during the release of their third. That was a big blow in the face for the two mangaka. They actually considered rewriting the story until Muira talked them out of it. Writing manga is a risky business, its one big gamble that’s based upon the public’s opinion. Those two mangaka realized that and decided to follow Muira’s advice.

And now I would like to end this post by saying F*CK YEAH! Shinta and Takuro’s manga’s finally got serialized! Takuro definitely deserved it after all he’s been through. That probably means that Yuriko modified her story to keep up with Takuro’s amazing drawing skills. I just hope that those two can keep it up, and what’s more, I hope that a relationship is not out of the question between those two. Let’s face it; neither of them are socially very capable.

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