Nov 6, 2011

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Bakuman 2 episode 06

I was happy to see that the new episode had arrived as soon as I woke up, but when I was about to sit down to watch it, I couldn’t help but remember last week’s episode. That turned my smile upside down within seconds. What surprised me most about this episode was Moritaka’s condition, it turned out to be a lot worse than being merely overworked.

Moritaka’s assistants took him to the hospital where they said that part of his liver has to be removed. The doctor says that he can’t work until or after his operation. Moritaka has to be hospitalized for at least three months in order to fully recover.  Moritaka was damned to give up his position in the rankings, he was determined to continue his work, even when hospitalized.

This is worrisome. When someone’s body is that used up, and still wants to work, someone has to puts his or her foot down. Moritaka needs to understand his situation, the sooner the better. But what’s even worse than all that is that his friends and colleague’s allow it. I wouldn’t have allowed for Moritaka to continue his work like that, he is in no condition to work. If he loses his position in the raking, or hell, if he loses his serialization, then he can always try again next time. If he pushes himself then there might not be a next time.

At first Akito tried to stop Moritaka from drawing in the hospital. Yes, at first. He tried all sorts of things, he even called Miho, Moritaka’s one true love, to tell her about Moritaka’s situation. She rushed to the hospital right away to talk Moritaka out of it. Moritaka didn’t even listen to Miho, he was dead set on continuing his work, he even told Akito, who finally agreed, to hurry up and bring his work to the hospital. Moritaka was happy to see Miho after so long, but he put the manga before her. He wanted to fulfill his dream at all cost and make Miho his girl once and for all.

Now Miura learns of the latest developments and finds Moritaka working on the color spread. He was negatively surprised at first, but he too soon gave in. I suppose it’s no use, they must’ve all realized that it’s useless to talk Moritaka out of it. That boy is determined to succeed. The only problems in their otherwise perfect plan would be the doctor and Moritaka’s mother. They cannot find out that Moritaka is continuing his work.


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