Nov 14, 2011

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Bakuman 2 episode 07

Strange, I thought for sure that Moritaka wanted to keep his drawing a secret from the doctor and his mother, at least. But suddenly everyone knows, and suddenly everyone is against it. Moritaka had just a little bit of luck by getting to see Miho every day, but his bad luck increased too. Hisashi, Chief Editor of Weekly Jump, decided to put TRAP on Hiatus until April. Hiatus is what’s known as a break in the media world. Moritaka can draw all he wants, but his serialization will only continue in April, not a day sooner.

Normally you’d think that this was the right choice to make, but the grounds on which he based his decision were completely unfair. Hisashi claims that working hard in the manga industry was what mainly caused Nobuhiro’s, Moritaka’s uncle, untimely demise. It seems that Hisashi doesn’t want that to happen to Moritaka, he said that it was a mistake to get high school students serialized. He will therefor allow Moritaka and Akito to continue their serialization in April, when both of them graduated high school and Moritaka is completely recovered. It’s unacceptable that others have to pay for his mistakes, not that I would call their serialization a mistake or anything.

Everyone disagree with Hisashi’s decision, including the editors at Weekly Jump. Then Eiji, Shinta, Yuriko, Takuro and Kazuya all decided to boycott the decision by threatening to stop drawing for Weekly Jump. If the decision to put TRAP on Hiatus would not be retracted then all of them are walking. That would mean that Weekly Jump would lose five serializations in total. I understand that Hisashi doesn’t want to see anything bad happen to any of his employee’s, but he shouldn’t have made that decision when Moritaka’s doctor said that he is allowed to draw if he doesn’t overwork himself and has plenty of rest.

Hisashi is going to have to make a critical decision. If he stands behind his decision then he loses no less than five serializations, but if he gives in then he will have to live with whatever consequences that decision might have.  It’s a very difficult decision, no doubt, but I really think that he should just retract his decision. It was not his to make, its Moritaka’s life, and it would be his decision on whether he can continue or not. However, if the doctor had said that Moritaka is unable to continue his work because it might endanger his health, then I would’ve stood firmly behind Hisashi’s decision. I can’t wait to see how Hisashi is going to handle this, I just hope that I can hold out until next week before I lose my patience and start reading the manga.

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