Nov 27, 2011

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Bakuman 2 episode 09

Yattaaa! TRAP has once again been picked up and their first release since coming out of hiatus got great reviews! The fans were really happy to see TRAP return, unfortunately for Moritaka and Akito that most of their fans are female. There’s nothing wrong with that, but in theory that’s not a good sign when you’re drawing manga for a Shounen (boy) magazine.

Things seemed fine at first, especially for Kazuya who came by in his newly imported sports car. His editor suggested he purchased all sorts of expensive things in order to stop Kazuya from quitting the manga world. If Kazuya keeps buying expensive things then he can’t afford to stop working like that, his editor knew this, which is why he came up with that scheme.

I’m a bit worried though, Moritaka seems to be drawing just like used to. He might just end up in the hospital again if he doesn’t start drawing in a more controlled state. He needs to take breaks regularly, drink and eat plenty of healthy things and he should pay more attention to his studies, it might come in handy if being a Mangaka doesn’t work out.

It was a very difficult episode. Things went fine at first, TRAP came in 4th place, ratings were good and fan mail kept on coming in. But all that declined pretty fast after that, god knows why. The ratings as well as their position in the ranking dropped to a new low. It was so bad that TRAP is now scheduled for termination, leaving Moritaka and Akito to draw out the three remaining chapters of TRAP.

It was a hard blow, definitely, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end for those two. Moritaka wanted to take blame for TRAP’s demise, but Akito wouldn’t let him. He sent a message to Miho, telling her about the latest developments. She was disappointed, sure, but she did say that she would wait for him, and hoped that she would get married (to him) before she turns forty.

The sad and depressed Moritaka cheered up right away. Not only did he cheer up, he also convinced Akito to use the remaining chapters to somehow start a new project. I can’t wait to see what they’re going to do next. Thank god this season has no less than twenty five episodes!

  1. I was shocked when they announced that. they just resumed their manga only to hear that theyre going to be terminated in a few weeks. seems kinda unfair to me.

    their next manga is probably going to be IT! definitely going to be the manga that gets animated!

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