Dec 4, 2011

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Bakuman 2 episode 10

Dear people who are bored enough to read my blog; I cannot begin to express how blissful my lazy Sunday’s have become. I wake up every Sunday knowing I’m not going to do a damn thing, I do more than enough during the other six days, so I get as lazy as I could possibly be. Knowing that I wake up to a whole bunch of newly aired anime such as One Piece, Ben-to, Bakuman and many more, just amplifies my happiness.

Truth be told; I was expecting this episode to be gloomy as hell. Moritaka and Akito just lost their serialization due to certain circumstances and they didn’t have a clue on what to do next. I suppose anyone would be gloomy, but they weren’t, not even in the slightest! There were happy and excited, already planning their next moves. That’s the kind of mentality that makes you want to keep rooting for them, kudos!

I’m not going to lie, but I never really realized their improvement until I saw this episode. Those two would go along with their editor, no matter what. But they stood up to Gorou, this time they wanted to go forward using their own instinct, which is why they came up with an plan. They agreed to draw no less than two different manga’s, each manga containing at least three chapters. They had to finish in time and, if they did, both manga’s would be submitted and reviewed. What Gorou didn’t know is that Moritaka secretly submitted a one-shot for an amateur’s competition, mainly because Eiji was one of the judges.

Meanwhile things start to fall apart for poor Takuro. He heard that Yuriko planned on quitting Jack, which is why he called her to find out. He asked her to stay, which led to her asking; “why are you so obsessed with me?” Takuro didn’t hesitate one second and shouted through the phone; “Because I love you!” He got shot down faster than a rabid dog. Yuriko was pretty much done with Jack, until she received a call from her new editor, asking her if she stayed on to start working on a love manga, a manga that suits her style. If she accepts than I predict a very awkward situation between her and Takuro, providing those two stay together as colleagues.

Bakuman is becoming more exciting than ever! I am really happy that I decided to listen to my girl and give this anime a try. I’m not really excited about the new manga’s that Moritaka and Akito came up with though, from my point of view they don’t really seem serialization worthy.

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