Dec 12, 2011

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Bakuman 2 episode 11

It’s about time. I’ve been waiting for this episode since yesterday morning. I really wonder why it took so long for it to be subbed, it’s very strange. The episode is of normal length, it aired at the same time as always and it got subbed by the same group. What’s with the holdup? Don’t tell me that they finally got a social life? UNACCEPTABLE!

But seriously now, it’s Bakuman time. Eiji was shocked when he was told that Moritaka and Akito submitted a one-shot for him to review. He was already impressive because of its title, he said he could tell that it’s a great one-shot merely because of that. He loved reading it, he wanted to make them number one even though he didn’t even read any of the other submissions. He was so committed that he decided to go to the judges’ meeting and convince them to make this one-shot the winner, mainly because it was clearly the best.

The results came in and it turned out that Future Watch, the one-shot made by Moritaka and Akito, was the best by far. Gorou decided to keep this a secret from them until their serialization meeting. I’m guessing it’s because those two would’ve dropped their current project to work on Future Watch.

It was finally time for their project, Hitman 10, to be submitted for serialization. But it’s not as simple as that, Moritaka is still convinced that Future Watch, above anything else, is the best one.  It was a very heated discussion, one where everyone had very valid points. It had been said that Future Watch showed their skills and devotion, but that Hitman 10 has a better plot, which would be a great advantage if Hitman 10 actually got picked for serialization.

In the end none of those submissions got picked for serialization, but! But both of the manga’s got picked to be published as one-shot’s, merely to see how people would react. There’s a strong possibility that one of those two will get serialized based on the results.

It also seems that Shoyo, one of their former assistants, finally got his manga serialized. I firmly believe that Moritaka’s guidance played a big role in that, after all; Moritaka taught him a great deal when he was working as his assistant.

Gorou put both of them on the spot by raising the bar really high. He wants either one of their submissions to reach fifth place, at the very least. It also seems that Gorou asked Takuro, who is still heartbroken over Yuriko, to come work for Shoyo as his assistant. I cannot believe what happened next; that old pervert immediately fell in love with Natsumi, another one of Ashirogi Muto’s assistants. That old pervert! There has to be a ten-year gap between them, at least.

It was time for the truth!  Their one-shots had finally been published and it was about time for the results to come in, when suddenly Eiji makes a very bold statement. Let it be said, here and now, that his predications have been very accurate when it comes to manga! He said that Future Watch will definitely come out on top, because that’s where their talent lies.

It seems that Shoyo, who has Gorou as editor as well, is completely upset because of the advice he’d been givin. It appears that Gorou has been giving all of them the same advice; add more jokes. It’s finally starting to show, I really think it’s time for Gorou to back down, he’s playing with other people’s futures.

The last results came back and Future Watch ended up ninth, sure; it wasn’t the rank they had imagined, but it was a whole lot better than Gorou’s comedy nightmare.

I can’t wait for next week’s episode! I’m really curious as to what those two are going to do about him, I for one wouldn’t be sad if they fired him, sorry.

  1. I think Miura is just pushing his own manga preferences onto others. Methods like that never last, watch, it’ll catch up with him soon.

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