Dec 18, 2011

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Bakuman 2 episode 12

Oh god, how I love my Sundays… I wake up, I have breakfast while firing up my computer, only to see that there are five episodes line-up for me to watch. I work hard all week, Sunday is the day where I finally get to enjoy myself whilst other people serve me for a change. Here in the GameDemon household there’s no such thing as work on Sunday, not even cooking, we just order out.

Anyway, Bakuman 2 is getting very exciting right about now. Everyone is feeling the pressure now, even Gorou. I don’t know whether Gorou is avoiding Moritaka and Akito on purpose, or if it’s because he’s really busy with his work, but those two are really getting fed up with it all.

Meanwhile Yuriko is having a discussion with her editor about her future at this magazine. They started talking about her past relationships, and if she could use any of that experience she has into her upcoming work. She couldn’t help but to think about Takuro and his confession. She might regret it right now, but he’ll be taken if she doesn’t hurry up. He’s not exactly a looker, I definitely agree, but he has a heart of pure gold.

Speaking about Takuro; his work as an assistant for Shoyo seems to be going well. Even Shoyo noticed his interest in Natsumi. I couldn’t believe what happened though, Natsumi, apparently, is turning thirty soon… Thirty!? Jesus, I thought she was in her early twenties. In that case; go for it, Takuro! Defile her to the best of your abilities!

Gorou finally contacted the two authors and invited them to some burger joint. He came to the conclusion that TEN should be continued, and not Future Watch, based on the data that he had gathered. Moritaka went bananas when Gorou didn’t give in to him. Moritaka stood firm behind his opinion that he and Akito weren’t meant for Gag manga, but for a more serious storyline. Gorou got fed up with his attitude and said that if Moritaka wasn’t satisfied with it, that Akito would be better off finding a new partner.

It finally happened. Gorou opened his mouth and said something that he shouldn’t have. Akito was shocked and decided to leave Gorou behind. Everyone agrees that Akito’s talents don’t lie with gag manga, but with serious stories.

Akira, their former editor, finally ended up interfering. I suppose he just couldn’t let those two, the same authors that he had really high hopes for, go down the drain because of some inexperienced editor.

Moritaka and Akito received several boxes with manga, including those of their very own, with labels and notes from Gorou.  They were just done with the boxes when suddenly Gorou stands in front of the door. Moritaka opens the door only for Gorou to fall on his knees whilst begging for their forgiveness.

All well ends well, I suppose… I agree that Gorou has a big heart, and that he works hard for those two, but he has to keep his personal interest aside in order to maintain his professionalism. You can’t let personal feelings cloud your professional judgment. I guess Moritaka and Akito are going to get busy from now on, I can’t wait to see what happens!

  1. i would have fired miura a long time ago because he is too personal

    he keeps pushing his own wishes for manga onto others and not everyone likes what he likes… i just hope that those two will make a super manga that will get animated so that moritaka can start dating the woman of his dreams!

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