Dec 27, 2011

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Bakuman 2 episode 13

Well, Christmas is pretty much over now. All that’s left is to clean up the pigsty I used to call a kitchen. I could go clean it up, or… Or I could let my girl do it while I write this post. See? Sometimes ‘they’ can be useful. They’re not just for cooking, as someone has to clean the mess they made in my kitchen.

All female-degrading jokes aside, let’s get on with this post! I was kind of let-down to see that those two idiots gave Gorou yet another chance, especially after all the things that he’s done. I would’ve fired him on the spot, but that’s just me. I’m very future-conscious. I hate to say it, but with me it’s all about the money when it comes to work. Isn’t that what matters in the world right now?

Something very interesting also caught my eye. Akito and Yuriko spent several nights in a row talking on the phone for hours on end. They both claimed that it was to get to know the opposite sex better, so that their manga’s could improve. But I doubt it was the same for Yuriko, as she slowly started to get interested in Akito.

Yuriko invited Akito to come to the zoo again in order to let him meet up again with that stuck-up woman who has a thing against manga. She once confessed to Akito, but got refused because he wanted to focus on manga. He also said that he’s still together with Kaya, which kind of upset Yurko a little. She didn’t know he had a girlfriend, so she became a little distant after that. She didn’t want to talk as much anymore, she started thinking about Takuro more and god knows what she’s thinking now.

It’s all good. I for one can’t wait to see what kind of one-shot the boys are going to create this time. Akito seemed nervous about the whole things because he’s not quite there yet when it comes to stories with heroines in them. That’s what’s led to the whole Yuriko thing.

Kaya noticed that something was wrong with Akito. He never picked up his calls, it seemed like he was avoiding her and he never had time to meet up anymore. She decided to be a little more aggressive by forcing her way into his daily life by offering to clean up their room. She seemed successful when she received a key from Moritaka, but that was not a good thing at all. She found a letter while cleaning that was sent to Akito from that stuck-up manga-hater.

Kaya completely broke down when she read that letter. She quietly exited the apartment, left the key in the mailbox and walked away with tears in her eyes. I can’t blame that poor girl, she tried everything to help Akito, only to find such a thing. He should’ve told her right from the start, this could’ve been easily avoided. I know that Kaya would’ve trusted him if he just told her.

I predict a very messy episode next week. I cannot wait! Have – to – refrain – from – reading – the – manga. Ugh. Never have I been this tempted. Frankly, I like Bakuman too much to start reading the manga at this point, I want to wait until the show is finished to start reading it.

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