Jan 16, 2012

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Bakuman 2 episode 15

I was really tempted to read the manga. Every time I looked I saw “Bakuman” appear on each and every manga website. Still, the idea is sort of strange; a manga about two young boys with a mission to write the best manga out there. Great stuff, but still strange.

It was an absolutely great episode. Not just for the boys, but for everyone. Akito, after having pulled a lot of strings, got Kaya to meet up with him. The ride was a bit bumpy, but they got back together. But, these guys aren’t your everyday kids. Akito decided to propose to Kaya in order to prove his love for her. Yuriko was shocked at first, but she soon went with it. Not just that, but Kaya actually accepted and agreed to marry him as soon as their new manga got serialized.

Epic stuff, huh? But, to top it all off; their serialization may just be waiting around the corner, as their manga was number one in the rankings. They were as happy as it gets, and well deserved I might add! But are Akito and Kaya prepared to marry one another? Both of them are still in school, they still live with their parents and Akito is about to get a very busy schedule if their manga actually gets serialized.

Yeah… everything is running very smoothly. Well, not for everyone. Yuriko still needs to find herself someone who can draw. She went to Takuro, as per her editor’s suggestion, in order to request a partnership. Boy did he turn into an asshole. He would only agree to work with her if she went out with him. He wouldn’t just go back to her because he, and I quote; “already has a girl waiting for him”. Yeah right, Natsumi is, if anything, repulsed by his attitude. And she didn’t try to keep it to herself, as she made that very clear from time to time.

Who knew that Takuro, a man who willingly sacrificed his health for a girl and her work, would turn out to be such an awful person? I honestly did not see that coming. Sure, I knew he had a little eye on Natsumi, but that was just because she was one of the very few girls that treated him nicely. Come on man, you can’t fall for a girl just because she talks to you.

And not just that, he sacrificed yet another golden opportunity to get serialized, merely because of his arrogant attitude. His art was the only thing missing in Yuriko’s manga, the one thing that could get both of them serialized. Too bad his arrogance clouded his judgment.

It was an very busy episode for everyone. Akito is getting married, Moritaka is once again in the clear with Miho, Yuriko is still allowed to speak with Akito and Takuro is still living in a dream world due to his arrogance. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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