Jan 26, 2012

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Bakuman 2 episode 16

Finally! I walked up to my laptop, started up my browser and finally saw that Bakuman episode sixteen had finally been released. I have been waiting for almost four days now, so it’s only natural for me to wonder what took them so long. Oh well, better late than never, right?

The episode started out as one would expect; with everyone working hard, Yuriko still on the lookout for someone who can draw panty shots for her and with all the editors running all over the place. I won’t go into details, but it’s been some time since Yuriko started looking for someone who can draw decent panty shots. Normally I would’ve thought that it was good of her to come to Moritaka and Akito for help, but those two idiots pointed her in the wrong direction.

They decided to introduce her to Hidemitsu, this annoying and arrogant kid that goes to the same school as Moritaka and Akito. The original plan was to get him to draw panty shots for her, but his personality made any and all cooperation between those two impossible. He was so full of himself, which is why I rooted for Shinta when he slammed that pig-faced idiot down. Shinta offered himself to Yuriko as a teacher in order to teach her how to draw proper panty shots.

Shinta’s original plan was to go to Takuro and convince him to come back, but all was lost. What used to be a passionate and rational man, has become a fool that lives in his own dream world. There was no point in persuading him anymore, as his personality as well as his art was getting worse with each passing day. His objective was to get serialized, but nowadays it’s to be close to Natsumi, a young woman who is clearly disgusted by him and his attitude.

Meanwhile Shinta is hauling so much ass over the phone as Yuriko tries to keep up with his teachings. I agree when said that Shinta can be difficult sometimes, but I definitely believe that Yuriko needs this, yes, she needs it very badly if she wants to succeed as a manga author. But that’s not all that caught my attention. Oh no, definitely not, I saw some sparks between those two. Yuriko doesn’t trust men, but I saw her smile as Shinta was trying to teach her new things, the same kind of smile she had when Akito used to call her.

However, things are about to get far more complicated as Aiko, a girl who really likes Akito, joins Shonen Jack to become Akito’s number one rival. The confusion doesn’t end there, it seems that Akiro, Moritaka and Akito’s former editor, has agreed to be Aiko’s editor from here on out. The boys are about to have their minds blown away, probably more so since Gorou looked a little bit shocked at the end of the episode.

Oh boy… it’s about to become very ugly. Moritaka and Akito gain a new rival while their current one is showing significant improvement, their one shot might not make it and it seems that Gorou might have some bad news about their current comedy project. It’s all very hectic, but that’s life, you just have to work passed that. Still, I am really curious about what Gorou has to say.

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