Jan 31, 2012

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Bakuman 2 episode 17

Hmm, so this week’s episode only arrived one day late, huh? Still, I’ve picked up Beelzebub and that’s that, I don’t plan on going back on my decision, even if I have to schedule Bakuman as an extra post a day. Don’t think that’ll happen, but just in case…

This week’s episode turned out to be a bad one or the boys. They didn’t make it, even though they were promised if they turned in three chapters. That’s not all, Gorou has been making a lot of promises that he wasn’t able to keep. Luckily for Yuriko that her editor knows what he’s doing, seeing as her manga has been approved to be serialized. I’m really happy for her, because she worked really hard to improve her drawing skills, so she’s got my vote!

Things took a turn for the worse when Shoyo’s, whose manga has been discontinued, decided to take it up with Hisashi, the editor-in-chief. He no longer wanted Gorou to be his editor, because he was completely fed up with him. He said that Gorou never gave him the freedom to make any decisions of his own, even though it was his manga. I think that’s just a weak excuse, even I would’ve ignored Gorou if my manga was at stake. Still, doesn’t change the fact that Gorou’s professionalism gets challenged once more. It can no longer be a mere coincidence that all of his ‘clients’ are dissatisfied.

Moritaka and Akito once again failed to reach their goal, which means that Akito won’t be getting married just yet. But their troubles are not yet over, because their new rival, Aiko Iwase, has gotten Akira’s approval. Apparently she’s one hell of a find, and Eiji couldn’t agree more I guess, seeing as he’s the one who’s going to be drawing as her partner. He really liked her script, the fact that he went absolutely nuts proves that. This does not look good for the boys.

But wait! The madness does not end here, not yet anyway. Takuro is once again unemployed now that Shoyo’s manga has been discontinued. Takuro pathetically called Yuriko after he heard that her manga got the green light for serialization. It’s not unexpected that he got shot down, I’m pretty sure he saw it coming too, especially after what he said to her. He only has himself to blame. He was so stuck-up that he couldn’t see what was really going on. Only after Natsumi rejected him, several times I might add, did he realize what he had done.

Meanwhile Moritaka, Akito and Shinta discovered that Takuro, because of recent events, planned on moving back the countryside. It’s a waste of talent, with that I agree, but he’s useless as he is now. All of his friends, including Yuriko who tagged along with Shinta, came to his apartment to try and talk him out of moving. However, it was too late. He had packed up his things and walked away, despite what his friends ended up telling him.

Quite the dramatic episode, as one might expect from Bakuman. I’m not sure I’m going to miss Takuro, he has becoming quite the eyesore, no offense. I used to like that character, I really did; he had passion, talent, willpower and his sanity was still completely intact. But life goes on, despite the decisions he makes. I just want to see a romance involving Yuriko, because I really like her personality. I believe that Yuriko and Shinta would make a pretty good couple, seeing as Shinta has the personality to could make her open up more. But we’ll see what happens.

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