Feb 6, 2012

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Bakuman 2 episode 18

I think people are playing cruel jokes on us. They keep releasing Bakuman on a different day every week, resulting in my schedule getting messed up. Seriously, their fansubs may be good, but their pace is not. I just hope that next week’s episode will be released on the same day as this week’s episode, because I don’t like change.

Anyway, Moritaka and Akito have both been working very hard on their latest manga in order to polish it before the serialization meeting. Everything was progressing pretty well, especially for their latest rival, Aiko, who seems to have a golden manga. It was bad enough that Eiji of all people was her artist, but her storyboards seem to get better as well. How ecstatic Akira must be right now, to have finally found someone like Aiko.

The day finally arrives where all the manga get read in order for the best of the best to be serialized. It was a little bit chaotic, seeing as Eiji, who already has a serialization of his own, was about to take on another project. This caused for a bit of trouble, but nobody could deny the manga’s quality, as it was top-notch. Hisashi had yet another tough decision to make, but in the end he approved of it, even he couldn’t turn down such a good manga. Also; Moritaka and Akito got approved as well, which means that they are now going to get serialized, which also means that Akito is going to get married.

However, not everything was okay, as word soon spread like wildfire about how Eiji now has two serializations for the same publisher. Many other authors and editors complained about how unfair it was, about how he couldn’t possibly maintain both manga’s. Yeah, that’s all very nice and all, but in the end Eiji ended up being in the right. He said that nobody was allowed to complain, that only those who were successful had the right to say anything about his current situation. Sounds very drastic, but I certainly don’t disagree with him, especially not since he’s in good health, has talent, and has already proven that he can keep up with that schedule.

Bakuman just got a lot more interesting. I am really looking forward to next week’s episode. I want to see how Akito is going to deal with the fact that he’s about to get married. Hell, I want to see Akito as he’s about to ask Kaya’s father for permission. Hurry up with the next episode, please!

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