Feb 14, 2012

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Bakuman 2 episode 19

Impressive, only one day late this time, I guess they are doing a little bit better now. Too bad that the first release I got was out of sync, and not by just a second or two either. But I have a feeling that the file got corrupted somehow while downloading, because it was fine when I downloaded it again. Strange things keep happening here people.

You have no idea how much I enjoyed this episode. Remember how Akito-kun made that promise to Kaya? He promised her that he would marry her as soon as they got serialized. Well, their serialization got approved during last week’s episode! That is why the episode started out with a very nervous Akito that tried to prove himself to Kaya’s parents. I laughed right away, seeing as that man had the “you haven’t touched my daughter yet, have you!?” look in his eyes.

The conversation quickly took a strange turn when suddenly Moritaka’s uncle got involved in the conversation. Apparently he and Kaya’s father were best friends as well as love rivals. He discovered that Akito’s partner is none other than his best friend’s nephew, which is why he wanted Moritaka to be present as well. Poor Moritaka, having to pay for something your friend has done. Anyway, he rushed over there as quickly as he could, only to be invited by Kaya’s father to his dojo. Haha, the old man just wanted to look badass in front of his wife, as he ended up taking them to a diner.

Boy did I laugh. What’s even funnier is that his wife already knew that he wasn’t taking them to the dojo. I guess that’s what marriage does to a person; it completely destroys your personal life, rendering you unable to hide anything from your “significant other”. The conversation was pretty heavy, especially for Moritaka, as he learned a lot of new things about his uncle. But the man saw a lot of good in those two boys. In fact; he decided to trust Akito by giving him his blessing. I guess its official now; his private life is truly over.

Meanwhile that yearly event for manga artist, editors, and all sorts of other people was knocking on everyone’s door. Pretty much everyone was present, but Eiji soon left to work on his latest project; Natural+. I’m still not too sure whether he really believes in that project, or that he just does it to get Moritaka and Akito to do their best. Either way; we’ll find out soon enough.

Boy do times change. Eiji now has two projects on his hands, Akito has got himself a wife as well as a new place to live, Moritaka will have to train new assistants, Aiko seems to have switched from Akito to Akira, and it seems that Kazuya’s manga, Otters  11, got a late night anime adaption. Who knew? That will be a tough blow for Moritaka and Akito. Kazuya has got himself an anime adaption waiting for him, while Moritaka and Akito are struggling to get good ratings.

Amazing, Bakuman is getting more and more exciting. No wonder the ratings for this show are rising with each passing week. But what caught my attention the most about this week’s episode is that Eiji has completely lost interest in Moritaka’s and Akito’s manga, in fact; he’s not even reading it anymore. That’s a bad sign. Something must be wrong if someone like Eiji won’t read his rival’s manga. I’m hoping to find out during next week’s episode.

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