Feb 23, 2012

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Bakuman 2 episode 20

Finally, it’s about time this week’s episode of Bakuman arrived. It was a good episode too, perhaps one of this season’s best. That’s why this show’s ratings are so high, and why it will have a third season. And to think that in the past I refused to watch the first season, purely because the first episode wasn’t to my liking. I am little bit ashamed because of that.

The episode started out with some bad news; the fact that all of Moritaka and Akito’s friends aren’t reading Tanto anymore. This came as a bit of a shock to them, but not entire unexpected. Moritaka said from day one that he didn’t have much faith in this project, but that really escalated during this episode. Hell, it couldn’t have come at worse time. Akito’s wedding ceremony was only a few days away, so all that negative news really got to him. He spent night after night thinking of ways to improve Tanto, hoping he could come up with a few good jokes to improve the ratings. Moritaka also noticed that his assistants never laughed at any of the jokes in Tanto. A bad omen indeed.

However, things only took a turn for the worse during Akito’s wedding ceremony. Those idiots, they should have known that there is a time and place for everything. Yelling in the middle of a speech during your best friend’s wedding ceremony is just disrespectful. Kaya didn’t think of much of it, but she did Akito from leaving his own wedding ceremony, as that idiot was ready to follow Akito and Akira outside. Moritaka only wanted to know the truth; is Tanto good or not? Akira gave him the news upfront; Tanto is a serious misuse of talent. It was his opinion that Tanto does not reflect their true talent. Moritaka has always known this, even before they got serialized.

Meanwhile Eiji was trying his best to make sure that they got the message. He was invited on national television to explain his work to the public. It was here that he said that Ashirogi Muto, also known as Moritaka and Akito, was his number one rival. Both of the boys saw and heard him say that, and that’s when both of them finally snapped. They didn’t want to continue Tanto anymore, which is why they rushed to Shonen Jack a few days later, hoping that they would cancel their serialization without any difficulty. I bet that this doesn’t happen too often; authors coming in to ask if they can cancel their serialization.

Still, it wasn’t easy to convince the editorial department. They did manage to cancel their serialization though, but under a few conditions. They have to submit something new for the upcoming serialization meeting, but not just something. They have to come up with something that can surpass Eiji’s work. They will lose their contract at Shonen Jack of they do not meet the agreed upon requirements.

This is it people. I have a feeling that their next work is going to be a masterpiece. I can’t wait to see what they’re going to create. It isn’t going to be a mainstream battle-manga, that’s for sure. I’m guessing they’re going to go with a mystery or perhaps something in the sci-fi genre. Either way; I will be watching!

Bakuman 2 episode 20

  1. It was bound to happen sooner or later. A master piece cannot be created if the creators themselves don’t have faith in it. Moritaka never really had faith in their serialization, and Akito has always been insecure about his sense of comedy.

    I read the manga. Their day has yet to come.

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