Feb 28, 2012

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Bakuman 2 episode 21

I was looking forward to this week’s episode of Bakuman. I found this week’s episode rather aggravating, but maybe that’s just me. I had hoped to see some improvement, but that was not the case. I think that we can expect a huge cliff-hanger to prepare us for the third season.

The story continues as the boys actually managed to cancel their serialization. Their assistants were a little bit surprised at first, but they agreed that those two weren’t meant for pointless comedy. It must be very shameful to suddenly hear people speak badly about Tanto, but it couldn’t have been a big surprise. Moritaka and Akito didn’t like it either, as it was all Gorou’s idea in the first place. Still, we can’t put all the blame on him, seeing as both Moritaka and Akito could’ve declined his idea. In the end they did not, they just went along with it, hoping it would turn out to be a hit.

Meanwhile Gorou came up with other idea’s to get the boys serialized. Remember; they only have three chances to get serialized, otherwise their contracts at Shonen Jack will be terminated. Gorou knew this, but he still came with stupid ideas. He didn’t waste just one opportunity either, oh no… he just had to waste two of them. That means that the boys only have one chance left.

They started with an adaption of their Money & Intelligence one-shot, hoping it would get accepted by the serialization committee. Their second attempt was with some strange mainstream-fantasy manga, but that one did even worse than their first submission. Gorou, thanks to Akira’s advice, wasted two opportunities to get them serialized.

My god… It all comes down to this… It’s their final chance to submit something good to the serialization committee. I don’t fancy their chances, even with Akira’s help. They need to think of something themselves, instead of constantly relying on the ideas of editors.  I’m sure that they could come up with a masterpiece, if only they tried. Besides, Akito is married now, so he has a lot of new responsibilities now, which means that he could definitely use a hit right now.

Like I said earlier; this week’s episode was pretty aggravating. The boys need to stop relying on their editors, but more on themselves. They have the talent, the motivation and the means to create a master piece. If only the realized it. Either way; something tells me that next week’s episode will tell us a lot more about their upcoming project.

Bakuman 2 episode 21 screencaps

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