Mar 9, 2012

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Bakuman 2 episode 22

About time! This week’s episode of Bakuman is no less than four days late. What is going on? Why is it that there’s only one group that subs Bakuman, one of the best shows right now? Even Phi Brain has several groups that do the subs, so what the hell? I don’t want to insult Sage Subs, because they are the only ones that release subbed episodes of Bakuman right now. It’s just too bad that they are a little bit slow. I hate it when those people have social lives.

All joking aside, I am pretty satisfied about this week’s episode. We may not have seen Moritaka and Akito’s next masterpiece, but we do know what it’s about. Who would’ve imagined that Akito would come up with an idea just by following Akira around. Hell, even I laughed when Akira tried to handle that difficult situation with Aiko. She showed dressed like a princess with make-up and everything, after which she asked Akira if he thought that she was pretty. I laughed so hard, even I wouldn’t want to be put in such a situation. Still, it was enough information for Akito to come up with a story that would get them serialized once again.

Things will only get tougher from here on out. Even Kazuya, the author of Otters 11, has to keep up his pace, despite the fact that his manga has an anime adaption now. He won’t work for free though. He works for money and information. That’s right, information on how to conquer Yuriko’s heart by knowing every little thing about her. Seriously, his editor is one evil genius.

Even the lives of Kaya and Akito have changed during the last few episodes. It’s not just because they are married now. They just seem to be getting along really well. Akito decided to get some material for their new masterpiece by playing an innocent little prank on Kaya by replacing the birthday gift she got for Miho with something that Moritaka made. It’s amazing what some people can do with just a pencil. I wish I had such talents, sigh…

Anyway, it seems that Moritaka and Akito will be working on a serious crime-comedy manga that will put them on the map again. Akito has a unique sense of humour, but serious stories suit him better than anything else, apparently. That is why they’ve come up with a seriously story about a boy with the ability to perform perfect crimes. Don’t get me wrong; what this character does is fairly innocent. Yes, innocent but perfect.

However, they have managed to blend in some unintended comedy in order to make people laugh without them expecting it. This is bound to get serialized. Even I thought that it sounded pretty interesting when they first came up with it. Mind you, I don’t think I would enjoy reading about childish pranks, but the idea is pretty awesome. I can’t wait to see what happens next, I might just end up watching next week’s episode raw, just because I don’t want to wait for Sage Subs.

Bakuman 2 episode 22 screencaps

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