Mar 17, 2012

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Bakuman 2 episode 23

About damn time! I stayed up extra late last night, just so that I could see last week’s episode of Bakuman. I read that this was probably the last time that it took this long. I hope so too, because it’s about to get very exciting. I hate to say it, but I’ll definitely be watching this week’s episode of Bakuman raw. I don’t care anymore, I just have to see it asap!

The episode starts out with Gorou reading their new work. He was sceptical at first, but he realized that this manga was a keeper by the way that it drew him in. That’s a very good sign I think, when an editor gets drawn in by the work of his mangaka. I also noticed that Moritaka and Akito plan on using Miho-chan as a model for the manga’s heroine. I like that! Moritaka is bound to score some love-love points with that one, hehe.

Next up was Shoyo’s work. It goes to show how much Gorou has grown as an editor, because he refused to submit Shoyo’s work to the serialization committee. His one and only reason; “Ashirogi Muto’s new work is by far better than yours”. This caught Shoyo by surprising, causing him to go over to Moritaka’s place in order to look at their latest masterpiece. He soon realized that he had a long way to go, which is why he decided to skip the next serialization committee in order to create something new, something that will reach their level.

And now this… This is just starting to get a little annoying. Remember Eiji, that weird manga fanatic that has two serializations running, one of which has been turned into an anime, remember him? Well, his latest co-op work, Natural+, will now have an anime adaption as well. What the hell? Moritaka and Akito are struggling to get serialized, and he is juggling two serialized manga’s that have both been turned into anime’s.

I see a lot of bad things coming, a lot of bad things indeed. This news will hit Moritaka and Akito hard, real hard. The two of them have been working really hard to create something that can defeat Crow, another one of Eiji’s creations, but the bar keeps on rising. I really hope that Moritaka won’t go into another one of his slumps, because they can’t afford it right now.

Things looked fine at first, but just at first. The serialization committee was reviewing all of the submitted works, and of all of them were in agreement that Ashirogi Muto’s submitted work was by far the best. Each and every one of them got sucked in by it, causing them to remember similar events during their childhood. If that’s not a great manga, then what is? However, the question was if it could defeat Crow or not, and that’s why Hisashi, the chief editor, decided to call a vote on the matter. He had the deciding vote and he decided to vote against the boys, meaning that their new creation, Perfect Crime Club, won’t get serialized, meaning that their contract will now be terminated. This pissed me off to no end. How much more do those two have to suffer? Give them a break already. This is why I’m going to watch tomorrow’s episode raw, because I just can’t wait.

Bakuman 2 episode 23 screencaps

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