Mar 28, 2012

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Bakuman 2 episode 25

And so the second season end as well… This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I have been unleashing my wrath upon the manga for a few hours now.  The third season is going to be awesome from what I’ve seen so far. The greatest of it all is that we won’t even have to wait that long before we get to see the third season either.

The story continues with the boys working on their latest masterpiece. Moritaka and Akito were really determined to create something really good. They sacrificed going to that annual meeting for editors and serialized mangaka in order to keep drawing. That’s dedication! I like how Moritaka made one of the main character’s look like Miho-chan, I’m sure that she will like that. I think that they will have to take it easy, despite having just been serialized. We wouldn’t want Moritaka to get hospitalized again because he works too much.

They didn’t waste any time, as Akira decided to bring in two extra assistants to help out with their latest creation, which they now call the Perfect Crime Party, PCP for short. These two are some unique characters. One of them is really dark and gloomy, while the other is really shy and timid. So we now have a hyperactive manga-nut, a dark and gloomy art student and a shy boy working for Moritaka and Akito. I’m not really worried about it, but that gloomy guy seems like a negative influence on the team, because he asks too many questions and he seems to get very jealous of others at times. He thinks that he loves manga a lot more than the rest of the assistants, which is why he probably thinks that he is the best.

The episode seemed to be going really well. Chapter one of PCP ranked number one by a landslide, which made the boys happy as hell, but it seems that I was right. Hasashi, the chief editor, had a few rules in the end for Moritaka and Akito’s PCP. It cannot get eighth place or later, and it has to defeat either Crow or +Natural before they reach their twenty-fifth chapter. I knew it was too good to be true. Those two have always had ridiculous requirements that they had to meet, so I knew that this time wouldn’t be an exception. But it’s fine, the third season will blow our minds, I’m positive of that! I will definitely be watching and writing, until then!

Bakuman 2 episode 25 screencaps

  1. Samaharu says:

    It’ll be a few months before the third season starts, but that’s only to be expected. I have been reading the manga ever since the beginning of season one and I haven’t missed a single issue ever since.

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