Dec 4, 2012

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Bakuman 3 episode 08

You can definitely tell its December, a month of ‘miracles’, seeing as Bakuman actually aired and got subbed on time. There’s only one thing that I can clearly say about this episode; change the beginning. GameDemon was not amused.

The story started out with the story of Tooru’s new manga, “Classroom of Truth”. Tooru, being a new mangaka and an Ashirogi Muto fan, made a manga in their style and it really hit the right spot at Jack’s editorial department. He’s a clever little monster, that’s for sure. He deliberately leaked his initial manga, “Classroom of Truth”, so that he could present a new and better one.

The editorial department loves this guy. He puts on a mask and plays this nice, young, cheery and innocent-looking guy with a refreshing new style. Akira is probably the only one that noticed that pretty mask of his. He’s probably wondering right now what’s underneath, even though Moritaka and Akito foundout sooner than I had expected.

As I stated above; Tooru is a big fan of theirs. He planned everything in a way that would benefit him most. The leaked manga, the new manga and, of course, the meeting with his idols. He met them and, when his editor left, showed his true colours. He just submits these manga’s in order to defeat and humiliate them.

I don’t see how Moritaka and Akito will fight this. It’s useless when they don’t have any evidence, providing he’s actually breaking rules. Their only option right now is to continue with their manga and hope that they remain on top of him, as disappointing and dull as that may sound. No guts no glory, brother!

Bakuman 3 episode 08 screencaps

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