Jan 16, 2013

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Bakuman 3 episode 15

I think I just waited two weeks for just one Bakuman episode. That is really messed up. You can’t keep us waiting this long for just one episode. We need our regular fix, otherwise we’ll start showing withdrawal symptoms.

[SFW-sage]_Bakuman_S3_-_15_[720p][E7127925].mkv_snapshot_07.22_[2013.01.15_22.55.58]I’m happy to see that everyone’s working so hard. It should be a lot easier when three or four different manga’s start to compete for first place all of a sudden. It won’t make it any easier to defeat Eiji, but it should raise one’s spirit, at least. Motivation is half the work. (note: this is not really true. It’s just corporate nonsense to ensure that all employee dogs run at 100% efficiency, merely to ensure that the company’s pockets get filled to the very brim, and that the employee dogs may one day get rewarded, even though the reward won’t be worth it. That’s right, I’ve got a little bit of a hippy mentality inside me.)

[SFW-sage]_Bakuman_S3_-_15_[720p][E7127925].mkv_snapshot_20.02_[2013.01.15_22.56.30]Moving on; I think I’m starting to dislike Takuro even more. He has the audacity to command Kazuya around, even though Kazuya spared him from being a mere street artist. It’s nice and all that he can draw, but that’s worthless when you’re too stupid to come up with a decent story, a story that might get you serialized. The story always comes before the artwork.

Everyone is doing their best to defeat Eiji, and to stop him from ending his manga, Crow. That’s just cute. It doesn’t change the fact that I’m still rooting for Eiji. I believe that he, the author, should have the power to end his work when and how he wants to. Why should his manga get the best possible ending? It’s like the Bakuman manga (talk about irony…), which had a terrible ending. I just hope the anime will be different.

Bakuman 3 episode 15 screencaps

  1. i’m getting really hyped up!!!! 😀

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