Jan 23, 2013

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Bakuman 3 episode 16

Now this is what I call a happy ending. Don’t worry! Bakuman itself hasn’t ended yet. It’s still going as strong as ever. I’m really starting to get nervous though, because it seems like they are going the use the manga’s ending, which was a horrible ending.

[sage]_Bakuman_S3_-_16_[720p][8594A6A9].mkv_snapshot_03.38_[2013.01.22_23.28.51]Eiji wanted to end his manga in his own way, we all know that. He worked very hard and stayed number one for twenty weeks, thereby allowing him to end his manga whenever and however he wanted. This made him the most popular mangaka in Shonen Jack, imagine my surprise (not). There’s no point in verifying the obvious in my opinion.

I liked it when Eiji paid a visit to all the manga that thanked him for all of his work when he finally ended Crow. That’s mighty classy of him. There are sore losers and winners, but that’s one hell of a winner. He doesn’t brag, moan or pout. He just goes straight to business and says/does what needs to be said/done.

[sage]_Bakuman_S3_-_16_[720p][8594A6A9].mkv_snapshot_20.09_[2013.01.22_23.29.56]The trip to Moritaka and Akito, however, led to a heated discussion between the three mangaka, which in turn led to Eiji’s bad ass announcement; Eiji’s coming back, and he’s doing it better than ever. He told Moritaka and Akito that he’s not just going to create his best manga yet, but that he’s going to create the greatest manga of all time. That’s quite the bold announcement, but it’s not entirely impossible when it comes from him. He’s done and said a lot of things that aren’t usually possible. That’s probably why he’s my second favourite character.

Bakuman 3 episode 16 screencaps

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