Mar 20, 2013

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Bakuman 3 episode 23

I am absolutely shocked at Sage. It took them over two weeks to sub the twenty-third episode. Other fans subbed it before them, that’s just pathetic. I mean, I understand that Bakuman isn’t much of a priority in their eyes, mainly because they have bad taste, but this is just lazy. I’d like to think that subgroups have a certain responsibility towards their (paying/donating) fans.

[sage]_Bakuman_S3_-_23_[720p][6E7C04AB].mkv_snapshot_09.30_[2013.03.19_23.33.58]Still, my happiness after seeing this episode outweighed my disappointed in Sage. We have finally reached the point where it’s Miho’s turn to prove herself, where it’s time to show just how much she wants to marry Moritaka. Let’s face it; Moritaka’s job is over. He worked hard for years and sacrificed a lot of simple pleasures for this one moment.

Would I be able to do that? No. I’m sorry, I just don’t have the patience. That guy must be a saint (until his wedding night where he will unleash all those pent-up urges upon Miho’s body). That one promise made this show worth watching. That one promise is what made us continue watching, if anything at all.

[sage]_Bakuman_S3_-_23_[720p][6E7C04AB].mkv_snapshot_21.28_[2013.03.19_23.34.20]That is why I stood up as Miho stole the show. Her voice, skills and the fact that she memorize (the correct) lines helped her win the audition. That’s right, Miho and Moritaka are getting married now that Miho has the part. I, just like everyone, knew she was going to win the audition, yet I was still moved when she did.

The reason why I’m so happy is because of the episode itself. It pretty much ended. Miho and Moritaka won, yet we still have two episodes to go. This completely raised my hope for a different ending than the one in the manga. It’s looking really good. I hope they managed to come up with a better ending after all the criticism they had endure when the manga ended.

Bakuman 3 episode 23 screencaps

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