Oct 11, 2012

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Bakuman 3

It’s here! Oh happy day, it’s finally here! I have been waiting for this season for months, even more so when I finished reading the manga. I started as soon as the second season ended. I read it to and at work, during meals, before and in bed. God bless Bakuman and tablets.

The artwork is still as great as ever. The characters, especially Miho, are still as good and the environment is still as impressive. I can’t wait to see what they’re going to do next, even though I already know after reading the manga.

The story is still just as amazing, if not better. This should be the final season if all goes as planned. I will just say one though tough; I hope they will somehow change the end a bit. The manga’s ending was dull and kind of disappointing. I can only hope that the animators will come up with something else, something that will make us speechless.

Can I get a “Y”? Can I get an “E”? Then you might as well throw in an “S”, because I most definitely recommend this anime to everyone. Haven’t seen the previous season(s)? You lucky devil, go watch them! Each and every minute is worth it!

Plot Summary: Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi have come a long way since they started making manga in middle school, but trials still await them as they head towards their goal of getting an anime adaption for one of their manga. As they continue to grow as artists and as people, they will be faced with new friends, new rivals, and new hurdles to overcome.

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