Feb 4, 2012

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Bakuman & Ikki Tousen Great Gaurdians release halted

Bakuman & Ikki Tousen Great Gaurdians release halted

Robert’s Anime Corner Store reported in its weekly e-mail newsletter on Friday that Media Blasters has put two forthcoming releases on indefinite hold.

The two titles include Bakuman. (Second Draft) DVD Collection #2, and Ikki Tousen: Great Guardians Complete DVD Boxed Set (containing episodes 1-12). The Bakuman. release was to have included episodes 8-13 on two discs, and had an original release date of February 29. The Ikki Tousen box was originally slated to be released on March 31. No new release dates for the two series have been set.

Media Blasters laid off a majority of its staff, including its production department, in early January.

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