Feb 6, 2012

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Beelzebub episode 53

Here we go again. I honestly believed that they would resume last week’s story. Wait, did I just say story? I’m sorry, let me rephrase that; I honestly believed that they would resume last week’s wasteful twenty minutes with yet another wasteful twenty minutes. I was partially wrong, they did not resume that particular story, but they did waste twenty minutes of our time with yet another weird side story.

I knew this week’s episode would turn out strange as soon as I laid eyes on that idiotic demon king. He was playing games, as usual, when it suddenly the subject of conquest came up. He wanted to make that female bartender a movie with his youngest son as the lead actor. However, in reality this turned out to be yet another weird assign for Beelzebub where he would have to conquer something all on his own. Hildegard was ecstatic about putting it all on film.

It was pretty embarrassing to watch. Sure, I laughed, especially when he blew away that dog with a huge burst of urine. That still doesn’t change the fact that this episode contributed nothing to the main story, which is such a shame, seeing as it’s about to get very exciting. I know what some might be thinking… “what!? Gamedemon, did you read the manga, despite your constant standpoints about not reading the manga before the complete anime adaption?”  – Yes. Yes I did read the manga, but in my defence; I have been reading the Beelzebub manga before the anime adaption began airing.

Anyway, the episode continued as Lamia knocked out Tatsumi’s classmates one after another with her poisoned blow darts. Beelzebub panicked and went straight to the designated point on the map, the point that he needed to conquer. I laughed a little when it turned out to be Takayuki’s house. He got upset when he saw his house, but he didn’t have time to struggle against their decision, as Beelzebub blew up half the house. Yes… a very strange, yet funny episode indeed. It got even stranger when Takayuki thought that he was in a relationship with a ghost, but I’m not even going to discuss that.

I really hope that the story will continue soon, because it really is about to get exciting. I’m really not in the mood to wait as long as I did for Naruto Shippuuden to continue, that was just ridiculous. Finally I would like to end this post by saying that they’re changing Beelzebub (the show) too much. I caught my attention that they are turning this too much into a gag anime, when in reality this is supposed to be an action / comedy show.

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