Feb 13, 2012

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Beelzebub episode 54

Well, it’s like I feared. It looks like we can expect a few fillers from Beelzebub. I’m not sure why, because the manga is pretty far ahead. Still, I cannot recall any of these side stories in the manga. It looks like we’ll have to endure these fillers until the main story continues.

This week’s episode was slightly better, I’ll give ‘em that. Remember when Tatsumi went on that training trip with Zenjuuro? Well, Zenjuuro introduced a training method in which they could improve. That was the training that gave “birth” to “Black Baby Be’el” in order to have a worthy opponent.  That black version of Be’el never left and stayed with Zenjuurou until now. Yes, until now, because now that strange black copy of Be’el is missing.

It seems that Tatsuya has taken black Be’el with him, merely because he resembles one of his family’s most treasured heirlooms, a black statue that is rumoured to be the source of their incredible wealth. Tatsuya, being as money hungry as ever, decided to take black Be’el with him in order to display him like a statue of some sort. What’s even stranger is that Tatsuya’s stock rose through the roof. Please remember people; this is Beelzebub, it should all be possible in this strange, demon infested world.

All seemed well for a short while, until black Be’el started growing and growing. This is when the rampage started. Tatsumi and the rest of the group decided to follow black Be’el in order to stop him. The question is; how do you stop a giant black winged-baby that has incredible demonic powers? Well, apparently you let him fight another giant baby with incredible demonic powers.

I know it sounds strange, but it gets even stranger, so bear with me here. Hildegard, the always loyal wet nurse, gave baby Be’el his bottle, not noting that it was a rare edition of super milk that made baby Be’el grow into a giant. This is when the demon baby vs the black demon baby match started. It was really strange to see, but baby Be’el managed to pull it off after having shed a whole lot of tears. My god, watching one giant baby pull the wings of a giant black baby is quite difficult.

I doubt it will, but I really hope that the main story will resume next week. We’ve just gotten over the first part of En’s troops, but the real battle has yet to begin. I’m not going to say anything, so no spoiler alert warning needed, but I will say this; Tatsumi is going to haul so much ass in a couple of episodes.

  1. I don’t think that these fillers well end soon, sorry. 😛

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