Feb 20, 2012

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Beelzebub episode 55

Oh good god… What in god’s name is going on? This may have been the weirdest filler yet, which is why I’m not really motivated enough to write a lot, sorry. I can only hope that the main story will resume soon, because I’m seriously considering dropping Beelzebub again.

The episode starts as ridiculous as it possibly ever could. It seems that Tatsuya was having a bad hair day. We all know that he turns into a “hotty” when he has his hair down. It seems that he was completely out of pomade, rendering him unable to do his hair in that Yakuza-like style. This resulted in him getting all the attention, from most of the girls anyway. Things took a turn for the worse when a group of delinquents showed up at school looking for him.  He wanted to fight them, but it seems that his “power” is cut in half when his hair isn’t done properly. All that was left was to stall until his servant came back with a load of pomade from their “pomade island”.

Sigh… That’s when things took a turn for the worse. Well, for anyway… I always wanted to see the demon king come to the human world and confront Tatsumi. Never would I have imaged that it would happen like that. He showed up out of nowhere and did nothing but leech of off Tatsumi’s father. Seriously, that really was a kick in the balls. I know that the character’s personality is completely messed up, but I had hoped for a more exciting encounter. Or at least that Tatsumi would give him a punch or two for abandoning his son like that.

Anyway, Tatsumi didn’t even get to meet the guy. They were busy trying to prepare a fitting meal for him, but he was already gone by the time they were finally done. That was an even bigger kick in the balls. I really have been looking forward to a visit of the demon king, but not like this and certainly not in a filler.

Again; I’m sorry for the lack of motivation, but this week’s episode was really disappointing. I normally put a lot more spirit in my posts, or at least I try to, but it’s kind of difficult when someone crushes one of your very few wishes. I hate to say it, but… I’m actually not looking forward to next week’s episode, as something tells me that it will be another ridiculous filler.

Beelzebub episode 55 screencaps

  1. blarg blarg says:

    What’s the point in watching if you know the ending’s going to suck…

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