Mar 5, 2012

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Beelzebub episode 57

What a surprise, yet another ridiculous filler. Not to worry though, it seems that the story will continue again next week. I’ve seen next week’s preview and noticed several scenes out of the manga, so it’s looking pretty good! I’m not going to post any spoilers, but let’s just say that we can expect a lot of action during the next couple of episodes.

Sigh… I really wish I could say the same for this episode. Still, it was much better than last week’s episode, at least this one was pretty funny. The first half revolves around Aoi and her little demon friend. He’s not just an ordinary demon, oh no… He’s the most perverted little bastard you’ll ever encounter, which is why, as a man, I like him.

That little guy tried to copy Be’el and Tatsumi with their “super milk time”. We all know that they switch bodies if Tatsumi consumed too much milk, and that’s the part he was interested it. He tried to make Aoi eat his Manju, hoping it would switch their bodies. Now I’m no genius, but I’m sure we all know what he was planning to do with her body. He might’ve succeeded too, if it weren’t for Aoi’s supernatural instincts.

The second part was a little bit disappointing, but not all that bad. It beats the hell out of that Gundam scene. Anyway, Hilda was walking down the shopping district when a man gave her a few lottery coupons after her purchase. It seems that our Hilda was fortunate enough to win an all-expenses paid trip for five to a local inn. What a surprise, the whole family went.

Okay, I’m going to be honest… I expected a little bit more ‘action’ during that hot spring scene. All they did was talk, enjoy the water, share some stories and that was pretty much it. Sure, Takayuki was there too, but his perverted needs only need up backfiring on him, as usual. I’m going to ask this at the risk of sounding like a real pervert; was it just me or did Hilda’s breasts seem really small during the hot spring scenes? They normally attract a lot of attention, but now…

Anyway… That was pretty much this week’s episode. It wasn’t anything special, but hey… The real deal is yet to come. I just hope I’m right about next week, because I’m really getting fed up with these Beelzebub fillers.

Beelzebub episode 57 screencaps

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