Mar 26, 2012

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Beelzebub episode 60

Okay, here we go… There are a lot of things that I could say about Beelzebub right now. It’s funny, interesting and at times even exciting, but this final episode really had a negative impact on me. I refuse to acknowledge this as a final episode, especially after having built up to this point in the story for weeks now.

This entire episode was just one big joke. The demon king, Be’el’s father, was about to unleash his army upon the world, when suddenly he was in the mood for karaoke, telling his minions and family on earth to return to the demon world. Seriously, you call this a final episode? It looked good at first, when they thought that Tatsumi had passed on, but I realized just what kind of episode this would be, merely by watching his reappearance.

I understand that Beelzebub is an action-comedy show, but that is no excuse to make such a ridiculous final episode. I cannot believe that I waited all week, expecting to see one hell of an episode, only to lay eyes on this horrible episode. That’s right, I said it, and I’m sure as hell not taking it back.

The one thing that pissed me off most was how everyone in this show suddenly acted out of character. Be’el was suddenly very hostile and energetic, Hildegard was suddenly very loving and gentle, the list goes on… I am simply very disappointed. This episode, to me, rather looks like one of those ridiculous fillers than a final episode. And what’s with everyone suddenly loving Tatsumi, a guy who used to be everyone’s worst nightmare? Not to mention Tojo and his sudden personality change. I thought this was supposed to be a final episode where everything gets resolved, so what’s with them, after having finally left, returning to earth? I honestly just don’t get it, I’m sorry.

I hate to see Beelzebub end like this, but what could I possibly do? I just hope that they will do a better job with the manga, should the time come…

Beelzebub episode 60 screencaps

  1. Michael K says:

    is episode 60 the last episode?
    will there be a season 2 bec they comeback from the demon world

  2. friendly 4 says:

    Can anyone confirm if this is true? The preview said “Finally it’s the last episode” but how are they going to end it like this? Hoping for a second season otherwise I’ll just have to start reading manga..

    • GameDemon says:

      I suggest you start reading. Beelzebub really seems to be over and there is no sign of any more content.

  3. evangldbrg says:

    That sucks.

  4. This really was a cool show


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