Aug 10, 2012

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Binbougami ga! episode 06

Epic! This is definitely the best episode yet! Sure, I wish they would drop the whole Dragon Ball Z parody thing, as it’s starting to get annoying now, but other than that it was an absolute delight to watch. My hope for Binbougami ga! is higher than ever before now!

We continued to watch as little Ichiko tried to escape from Momiji’s (evil?) clutches. Momiji got away alright, but at what cost? Her fortune keeps making things harder and harder for others. Especially for Keita, whom fell off a cliff and was lying there with a broken leg, head wounds and god only knows what else. Basically, he was not going to make it. The fact that he couldn’t remain conscious didn’t help much either. But fear not young viewers! Momiji soon drained a little bit of Ichiko’s fortune and gave it to her, merely so that Ichiko could use it to save Keita’s life. I guess Ichiko finally realized what was missing in her life. Good for her!

The next step was for her to return to normal, which succeeded thanks to Momou and Bobby. But Ichiko-chan was a changed person. She was absentminded and overall very clumsy. Everyone was worried about her and tried everything in their power to return her to normal. This finally succeeded when Ichiko made contact with Keita and returned his handkerchief.  Awww, isn’t that just adorable?

It was quite the hilarious episode. I especially liked the scene where Ichiko found Momou all tied up and gagged in her bedroom. I watched that scene three times in a row. I really hope that the rest of the episode will be just as good as this one, I really do.

Binbougami ga! episode 06 screencaps

  1. super episode!

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