Aug 24, 2012

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Binbougami ga! episode 08

What the hell? This was the last thing I would’ve expected. I knew that Ichiko was making progress, but this episode jumpstarted the whole thing. Seriously, I never would’ve expected to see her make this much progress in just one episode. I knew that Ranmaru, the latest addition to the story, would prove to be quite the asset. It’s been a great week!

This episode revolved around the concept of friendship. That’s the one thing Ichiko can’t seem to grasp. I finally know why now! Both Momiji and Ranmaru tried to make Ichiko come with them, but Ichiko decided not to go. She refuses to become friends with anyone, after which Ranmaru decided to interfere, hoping to find out why Ichiko didn’t want anyone to get too close to her.

It seems that Ichiko is a little traumatized by a previous experience as a child. She used to be best friends with the antichrist a dreadful little girl that took away her little boyfriend after he picked Ichiko. She found out that her ‘best friend’ stabbed her in the back on several occasions. She soon changed into the Ichiko we’ve all come to know and love.

No wonder she keeps her distance. Ichiko just doesn’t want to get hurt anymore, so she ensures that she doesn’t get close to people, thinking that she can’t get hurt anymore. The poor girl doesn’t even realize that she’s been hurting herself all this time by shutting out the people around her. That is why I was surprised by this episode. So much progress was made.

Say what you want, but you have got to love the irony in all of this; Momiji was sent to take away Ichiko’s good fortune, but actually ended up helping her to get over her childhood trauma. I’m not entirely sure that Momiji actually still wants to take away her good fortune. The only thing that bothers her is that Ichiko’s breasts are so well developed, unlike hers.

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