Sep 8, 2012

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Binbougami ga! episode 10

Pfew, I thought that I wouldn’t get to see any Binbougami Ga this week. That would’ve been pretty disappointing. Still, the timing was pretty interesting. I had the opportunity to see what a regular Joe (someone who doesn’t watch anime on a regular basis) thinks of these types of shows, so I had my friend watch this episode with me. I’m pretty impressed that he lasted till the five minute mark, where that poop god showed up. That was too much for him, apparently.

Anyway, I’ll keep this post as short as I possibly game, as I don’t have a lot of time right now. I think that Momiji and Ichiko have an interesting relationship. They both rely on one another, that much is certain. I thought that I was wrong about Momiji at first, and that she really intended to drain every little drop of Ichiko’s good fortune, but I’m not sure anymore. Momiji does things for a reason, of that I’m sure, but those reasons are always a secret. The viewer actually has to guess what she is thinking of, and we all know that those guesses are usually wrong. Always expect the unexpected when it comes to Momiji.

I thought that it was pretty cute when that poop god turned Ichiko’s brand new kitty into a god (for a short amount of time). I’m not sure I like the idea of new characters at this point in the story and I sure as hell don’t like the current characters moaning about their screen-time. That’s just poor and unmotivated comedy.

I will end this post by pointing out one minor detail; I have seen people criticize the show based on practically nothing. The arguments raised were stupid, unfounded and lacked the knowledge about this show. People have to realize that this is a slapstick comedy. You can’t expect to see subtle jokes in Binbougami Ga. The fact is; Binbougami Ga is doing great. The ratings in Japan are pretty high.

Binbougami ga! episode 10 screencaps

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