Apr 13, 2014

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Black Bullet

Meh… I think Black Bullet is a bit overrated. The first episode didn’t make that much of an impact, yet I see people having nerdgasms all over the place because of this. It definitely wasn’t boring or uninteresting, but I definitely wouldn’t go bragging about this one.

Black BulletThe artwork isn’t bad. The characters look good, it’s quite detailed and I like the style so far. I do believe those monsters, Gastrea as they are called, could use a little bit of work. They look to plain. It’s like they took a picture of a regular spider and supersized it. I don’t know… Something was lacking…

The story is interesting, no doubt about that. I was entertained from start to finish. It’s an interesting concept and the Japanese never get bored when it comes to loli heroines, so why not? Let the mayhem begin!

I do recommend this. However, do not believe everything you read about this. It’s not all that amazing. It’s definitely going to keep you happy and I might actually even write about it, but I still feel it could use some work. Just check out the first episode for yourself.

Plot Summary: In the year 2021, mankind was defeated by Gastrea, a parasitical virus, and is forced to live within a wall made of Varanium Monoliths, a metal that is able to subdue Gastrea. Soon, the “Cursed Children”, children born with the Gastrea virus who are able to control it—which gives them superhuman abilities—were discovered. Due to the Gastrea virus’ intervention, the Cursed Children could only be female. Civil Securities are formed to specialize in fighting against Gastrea, operating with the pair of an Initiator, who are cursed children, and a Promoter, serving to lead the cursed children. Ten years after the war, Rentarō Satomi, a high school student who is also a Promoter in his childhood friend Kisara Tendō’s Tendō Civil Security, along with his Initator Enju Aihara, receives a secret mission to prevent the Tokyo Area’s destruction.

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