Aug 7, 2011

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Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail

Amazing. What an anime. I really enjoyed Black Lagoon, both seasons. It’s a great show, great artwork and the story is awesome.

So, naturually, when these OVA’s came out, I had no choice but to watch them. I was very satisfied to see how they finally explained many things about Roberta.

Recently the final OVA came out, OVA five. I watched it with a cool drink, a bowl of hot popcorn and a smile on my face. The ending was very good, bloody, but nevertheless very good. For a second there I thought Rock finally grew a pair.

Personally.. I’m waiting for an OVA that specifically shows the relationship between Revy and Rock. I definitely see those two together.

Plot Summary: The assassination of the head of the Lovelace family in Venezuela sets his maid, a former terrorist named Roberta, on a bloodthirsty quest for revenge at any cost. The search for the culprits leads her to Roanapur, causing a massive commotion in Thailand. Garcia, heir of the Lovelace legacy and someone who regards Roberta as a precious family member, also travels to Roanapur and wants to make a deal with the Lagoon Company.

  1. dead+eye says:

    i got to throw this out here because every were i go on blogs every one always ask same question , is Roanapur a real city , no it’s not but there is a city with the similar Characteristic
    as Roanapur in Thailand and it’s called ” Pattaya Thailand ”
    Pattaya is a international city for mafias gangsters pirates
    just about any in world who makes a life in the Criminal under world example

    that should answer your question about revy , and yes there are female pirates in to days times

  2. Gamer959 says:

    When will season 3 come out? I’m not talking about the OVA: Roberta’s Blood Trail. I’m talking about season 3, what happens after the trip in Japan (Yakuza incident)

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