Sep 22, 2011

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Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

What the hell did I just see? Seriously, I have no idea what I was watching. I couldn’t grasp the story, if there was any to begin with. The episode was like 10 minutes of pure confusion, a really bad way to start.

As I stated above, there is really no story. One minute the characters are all friendly and having fun, the next they’re doing some sort of weird poison hotpot eating contest. But it’s too early to say, it was the first episode. An amusing story might just be behind the corner.

I do have to admit that the anime itself doesn’t look half bad, the characters actually look pretty good. The lacking story just doesn’t measure up with the artwork of this anime, shame. I hope it’s going to get better.

Plot Summary: Kodaka Hasegawa is just trying to get through his school life, but one day he saw the cute but forever pissed off girl Yozora Mikaduki alone, happily talking to herself. Kodaka and Yozora started discussing how to make friends, and Yozora, with her excessive action powerness started a tragic club. Then, as things went crazy, one by one other regretful cute girls also joined the club. Together they played galgames, went swimming, and they put together stage acts. Can our hero, who got suckered into the mess, become good friends with others? The even-though-it-really-needs-much-to-desired-for-but-still-very-entertaining tragic youth romance story has been born!

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