Jan 16, 2012

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Brave 10 episode 02

Man, this show is really starting to look a lot like Naruto. The characters in this show use a lot of “special abilities” and such. I even saw characters use substitution and afterimage techniques. The only thing missing is the “No Jutsu” at the end of each technique.

Still, this show might have its similarities, but it’s still very amusing to see. They keep introducing new characters, new moves and new side stories that keep you entertained throughout the episode. Anastasia, a newly introduced female character that has the ability to control ice, is a perfect example of how they plan to keep the story interesting.

That’s not all, because a huge amount of action will accompany these many changes. This time it’s Yukimura’s territory that was under attack. They were after the shrine maiden that managed to escape their attacked. Saizo did everything in his power to keep Isanami safe, but his job got harder after he encountered enemy after enemy. Not just your average enemy either, these guys knew what they were doing.

But, Saizo wasn’t alone in all of this. Sasuke, with a little bit of help from Anastasia, decided to go up against that snake-controlling woman. It wasn’t easy for him, as he stood in the middle of her territory. He tried his best but he couldn’t defeat her on her own territory while the poison was affecting his sight. He decided to rush forward in order to get her in to the forest. That’s when things got interesting; he managed to get her in to the forest, also known as his territory, where all his animal companions live. The fight, from what I gathered, was pretty quick as soon as she entered his domain.

Meanwhile Yukimura and Rokuro were still trying to evacuate all of the civilians whilst fighting several hostiles. For a minute there it seemed like both of them were about to be captured, when Rokuro used his special ability. Rokuro has the ability to attack his enemies by emitting ultrasonic waves from his mouth, and by doing so rendering them unconscious. I’m not so sure what Yukimura’s abilities are though, as they haven’t been shown yet.

Saizo had the toughest day of all. First he fought against that woman’s snake, then he had to dig his way to safety because of the aftermath and now he’s up against the same ninja that attacked Isanami’s temple. He was a particularly difficult opponent too, as he could see through most of Saizo’s movements and execute his attacks whilst avoiding Saizo. Still, Saizo still had a move he could use, which ended up giving him the opportunity to land a hit.  That guy, after being wounded and alone, decided to retreat.

Very exciting episode, and hell, the show has just begun! I’m still rather curious about Yukimura’s abilities, after all; he seems to be the leader and the leader is usually the strongest. I’m pretty sure we’ll find out within the next couple of episode, but I just can’t help but wonder…

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