Feb 7, 2012

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Brave 10 episode 05

Hmm, not quite what I was expecting, but it was a pretty good episode. But Brave 10 is really starting to annoy me by withholding information about old man Yukimura. I wanted to know what he’s capable of ever since the first episode. Sigh… Well, it’s fine, I just hope that I get to see what that old man’s capable of soon.

The story continues and you’d think that both Saizo and Kakei would go after Isanami, who had been captured by Masamune. That was not the case, as Kakei insisted that they finished their job. He said that they were sent there on a mission, the possibility of losing an ally would be part of that mission, I suppose. However, they did send a message back to Yukimura, who then sent the beautiful Anastasia and Sasuke to rescue Isanami.

Things soon got a little bit worse when they arrived, seeing as they basically got found the moment they arrived. That led to a battle with many enemy casualties. At first Isanami didn’t even want to come back, she was under the impression that she would only hurt her friends by going back, seeing as she’s being targeted and all. But Anastasia, who had escaped from that unfortunate, yet sexy predicament, soon showed up to talk some sense into her.

Sure, they may have successfully rescued Isanami, but what about Masamune? He strikes me as the type of lunatic that would massacre countless of people in order to get what he wants. Hell, he might just do that, now that he lost his “treasure” and all. Still, everything is not yet peachy. Saizo seemed to be struggling with some personal issues, which in turn ended up reflecting negatively upon the relationship between him and Isanami.

Let it be said that Saizo is one of my favourite characters on this show, and yet I still cheered for Sasuke as he manhandled Saizo like it was nothing. It’s not just him either, everyone else wanted to help him. Even Rokuro ended up using that wicked eye of his, merely to see what was going on. For some reason Yukimura seemed worried, which in turn only made me more anxious to find out about his abilities.

Aaah~ moh!  I can’t help it, I’m just curious by nature, I guess. At this point I hope that Saizo starts working on the relationship between him and Isanami. I mean, clearly there’s something there, right? I’m not sure what role Anastasia would play in this though, as she seems to be an old friend of Saizo, but those two don’t share that (for the moment let’s call it a) spark.  We’ll see, we’ll definitely see…

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