Feb 13, 2012

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Brave 10 episode 06

Too bad this week’s episode arrived late, because I wanted to have this post finished yesterday in order to schedule it for today. I’m a little disappointed that we still haven’t seen any of Yukimura’s abilities so far. It’s already episode six, come on… show us already!

This week’s episode wasn’t too bad. Sure, Yukimura’s abilities are still a big mystery, but they’ve introduced a new character to the show. Never would I have guessed that the next character would be a freeloading monk. Apparently he ate his fill and left without paying for it, after which old man Kakei confronted him. A ridiculous quarrel between the monk, Kakei, Saizo, Sasuke and Kamanosuke started after neither of them could come to terms. What’s so surprising here is that the four of them had difficulty dealing with this monk, boy was he strong. It took Saizo a little bit of luck, good timing and a lot of agility to come near his weak spot. This must’ve been quite the eye-opener for them.

But it didn’t end there. Apparently Isanami turned out to be his long lost sister. Oh, but they’re not blood-related, they were both in the same orphanage. In fact; the monk was the one who found Isanami when he was only eight years old. They headed back to their base after the monk fixed everything he broke, yes… all but Kakei. He decided to roam the lands in search for god knows what. I guess the destruction of his gun must’ve rendered him speechless.

Anyway, it appears that we have a new Brave. That makes nine Braves so far, so we can expect one more before we have ten braves. Otherwise it wouldn’t be Brave 10, would it now? Things were going pretty smoothly, but some of the braves were a bit wary about the new guy. I guess his power must’ve left a pretty big impact on them.

Still, they all enjoyed the rest of the day in their comfortable hot spring. Yeah… two beautiful women bathing naked with a bunch of naked and single men at the other side, how could this possibly go wrong? Yukimura, followed by Miyoshi, the monk, entered the women’s hot spring in order to gain a view. It’s not so surprising that Anastasia used her special abilities to “freeze” those two idiots as punishment for peeping.

Too bad this show is censored, hehe. Anyway, the episode was pretty good. We have a new Brave, Isanami found a new comrade from her shrine, Yukimura gained a view and Saizo seems to have a new secret admirer. I’m starting to doubt Kamanosuke’s gender, seeing as he could be a she for all we know. Hell, he could be both. Aaaaah~ this is going to drive me mad. As if wondering about Yukimura’s abilities wasn’t bad enough, now I have this on my mind…

  1. Oppai-Sensei says:

    haha that yukimura is a beast. he rushed in there without thinking it over just to try and get a quick look at ana’s body 😀

    i would have done the same thing 😛

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