Feb 20, 2012

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Brave 10 episode 07

Ah, yet another good episode. And finally one where we get to see Yukimura in action. Actually, I wouldn’t go about calling it action, as he was just playing around. Still, he showed us that he’s not just some old man that hides behind his men. I wonder what kind of weapon he normally uses, seeing as everyone seems to be using their own type of weapon.

The episode starts with Yukimura, Saizo, Rokuro and Isanami departing for Kyou. Everyone else was ordered to say behind and defend their castle. But how could Yukimura possibly leave without sexually harassing Anastasia first? I guess she trained her self-control a little bit, seeing as she didn’t turn him into an ice cube this time. Things got a little bit more complicated when Miyoshi, that crazy monk, wanted to stay by Isanami’s side, and Kamanosuke wanted to stay close to Saizo, his lover rival. I’m reserving judgement on Kamanosuke’s gender, because he really could be a she for all we know. Either that or he’s incredibly gay.

Their journey seemed to go pretty easy. However, that soon changed when they reached their checkpoint and came across a little boy. That doesn’t sound dangerous, but that little boy led them to a road where he set up countless of traps, in the hope of finding someone that could survive it all. This is where Miyoshi and Kamanosuke came in. They disobeyed Yukimura by following them anyway, and he better be glad they did too! They would’ve been killed if those two didn’t show up in time. That’s when that little brat appeared and congratulated them on surviving, after which he pledged his loyalty to Yukimura. You gave got to be kiddin’ me, that little runt as one of the Braves?

Anyway, Yukimura promised to pick him up at the local in as soon as they returned from Kyou. It didn’t take long after that for them to finally arrive. Yukimura and Rokuro immediately went to that gathering, leaving Kamanosuke, Saizo and Miyoshi behind to look after Isanami, seeing as she’s being targeted by Masamanu, who also happened to be invited. That’s when the ‘fight’ between Masamune and Yukimura started. He used a huge blade while Yukimura only used that fan of his. I don’t know how Yukimura ended up as the victor, but that only proved that the old man is strong, really strong. It only made me want to know more about that character.

Like I said; this week’s episode was pretty darn good. It was full of action, surprise and adventure. Things will only go downhill from here though, seeing as Yukimura and his men are now fugitives. Something tells me that this was all a big set-up. They probably wanted to lock them up in order to capture Isanami. It’s a good thing that Yukimura is smarter than he looks. I guess Yukimura’s little army is complete, providing that the little runt really becomes a Brave. Brave 10 just got a little bit more interesting!

Brave 10 episode 07 screencaps

  1. Its no surprise that Yukimura is strong after he is their leader and leader must always be stronger than his followers

    And that little boy really is a brave because he is a trap expert

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