Feb 27, 2012

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Brave 10 episode 08

Ah, Yet another good episode of Brave 10. I actually thought that Yukimura was finally going to fight for once. But no, he ended up getting saved again by his Braves. It’s kind of aggravating, especially for someone who has wanted to see him fight since episode one. But oh well… I’ll patiently wait until it happens.

I knew they hadn’t escaped just yet. Quite the contrary, they were about to walk right into Masamune’s trap. It’s a good thing that Benmaru, that little kid with all the traps, disobeyed his first order from Yukimura; to stay and wait at the inn. He showed up with his bombs and whatnot in the nick of time. Surely that must hurt a man’s pride, you know… to be defeated by a little boy. Things looked grim for Yurimura and his Braves. They ended up trapped on a beach with no way out, just as Masamune probably planned all along. This is where I expected Yukimura to do something.

Too bad old man Kakei appeared out of nowhere on a pirate ship. I really wanted to see Yukimura’s abilities, but oh well… we got something else in return. This is where we meet Jinpachi, a pirate who loves women, sake and freedom. Poor bastard actually mistook Kamanosuke for a woman, but who hasn’t?   Anyway, he made the enemy retreat almost right away after firing a few canon rounds at them. Quite a fearsome man, not because he has a few canons, but because he actually managed to stop Miyoshi’s attack with his bare hand. That’s when Yukimura got interested in him.

I’m sure we all know what happens when Yukimura is interest in a person, right? That person becomes a Brave, it’s that simple. You may not want it at first, but you’ve become a Brave before you’ve even realized it. That’s how it works with Yukimura, he’s that type of man. Perhaps that’s his special ability? I wouldn’t be surprised anymore if that was his only ability.

Meanwhile the boys were getting a little bit aggressive as Jinpachi laid down the law. I mean… his ship, his rules, right? He said that he would only acknowledge them as brethren if they could keep up with his drinking. This is where Yukimura used a little bit of his magic in order to ‘charm’ Jinpachi a bit, which is why they all left together at the end of the episode. I guess Yukimura’s Braves are finally complete now, huh? I expect to see a lot of awesome stuff during next week’s episode!

Brave 10 episode 08 screencaps

  1. Say what you will but that pirate is a total badass!

    I think he has some sort of device in his gloves that shocks his opponents but i’m not sure.

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