Mar 5, 2012

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Brave 10 episode 09

Damn it, I wanted to have seen this episode a little earlier. The episode was really good, so good that I could turn away my eyes for even a second. It’s funny though, as Yukimura left his property with a total of eight Braves and returned with a total of ten. Although he probably has a few less of them now…

This episode revolved mainly around Isanami and her mysterious powers. It seems that she has the powers of darkness. Every Brave represents something. You have water, fire, thunder, ground, grass, wind, ice, metal, light and darkness. These represent the ten Braves. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses, but the darkness simply stands out. Its power is great, dangerous and very hard to control. Saizo still refuses to believe that Isanami has that power though, probably because he doesn’t think that Isanami is capable of killing another person.

The second big surprise was Anastasia’s betrayal. It appears that she has been undercover, working for someone else, merely waiting for a good opportunity to steal Rokuro’s eye. You see, Rokuro’s eye had to ability to remember everything. Everything he sees, does, feels, everything just gets remembered. Ana was after this and was about to take it from him, when suddenly he took out his own eye, ensuring that it won’t end up in the wrong hands. Seriously, all these guys have balls of steel. First old man Kakei with his bad ass move to shoot through his own body in order to defeat his own enemy, but now Rokuro as well.

Isanami did not take the news very well. She was confused, extremely emotional and pretty much alone. You could actually see the darkness take control of her. It will not be pretty when she loses control, especially not for Saizo, seeing as he’s the light, her light. He will need it, now that she’s overheard them talking about her.

Oh boy… Next week’s episode is going to be a chaotic one. Ana has betrayed them, Isanami is about to flip out and some of the Braves are wounded. It doesn’t look good for Yukimura and his Braves. I just hope that next week’s episode of Brave 10 arrives on time, especially now that I’m really looking forward to seeing it!

Brave 10 episode 09 screencaps

  1. Dreadnoughty says:

    I was a little bit confused when Ana attacked. She has never shown any sign of distrust, nor was she given a reason to attack, so yeah… Strange.

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